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Welcome to the Home Page of the Green Party of Genesee County, NY

Greetings and Welcome,

The Green Party of Genesee County, NY, (GPGCNY)  is recognized by the Green Party of NYS - State Committee as the official Green Party organization for Genesee County, NY.  This site will provide information on issues, meetings and election activity for members of the GPGCNY.

Most Recent News and Site Updates:

Spring 2008: GPGCNY will host the GPNYS Region 6 Presidential Delegate Nominating Convention for the 2008 Election

1/22/2008 - Movie Night "Fed Up!" Genetic Engineering, Industrial Agriculture and Sustainable Alternatives. With a discussion on local Agriculture and Food Co-ops.

6:00pm at the Present Tense Bookstore, 101 Washingtion Ave, Batavia, NY.

11/6/2007 - Local Elections

2008 - Officers
Chair - Richard Beatty, Secretary - RaeAnne Engler, Treasurer - Nancy Gearhart, GPNYS-SC - Craig Taylor

10/23/2007 - Fall Meeting and GPGCNY Officer Elections

3/8/2007 - Movie Night "Wal Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices." 6:00PM at Main Street Coffee, Batavia NY.

02/08/2007 - Winter 07 Meeting, Free Viewing of "Inconvenient Truth", 2007 GPGCNY Officer Elections

2007 - Officers
Chair - Jason Nabewaniec, Secretary - Nancy Gearhart, Treasurer - Richard Beatty, GPNYS-SC - Craig Taylor

11/12/2006 - Site Created and Index Page Formatted
11/07/2006 - 2006 Midterm Election
10/26/2006 - 3rd GPGCNY Meeting: Pre-Election Discussions and Planning for 2007 & 2008

06/27/2006 - 2nd GPGCNY Meeting: Officers Elected and By-Laws Approved

2006 - Officers
Chair - DonnaRae Sutherland, Secretary - Craig Taylor, Treasurer - Nancy Gearhart, GPNYS-SC - Craig Taylor

03/04/2006 - GPGCNY First Meeting: Initial Organizing Efforts

Green Values and Principles

The GPGCNY recognizes the Four Pillars of the Green Movement:

  • Grassroots Democracy
  • Social Justice
  • Ecological Wisdom
  • Non-violence

Addionally, the GPGCNY acknowledges the following Green Movement Key Values as priorities for Genesee County:

  • Community-based Economics
  • Future Focus
  • Decentralization
  • Responsibility

Mailing Address:

  • Box 98
  • Darien Center, NY 14040

E-Mail Address:

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